The Film
Open Mind Media Media has teamed with Tergar International, to produce A Joyful Mind, a documentary film that provides a multifaceted overview of meditation. Filmed at locations throughout the U.S. and Asia, A Joyful Mind explores what it means to meditate through candid interviews and visits with novice and master practitioners, scientists, and professionals who are incorporating mindfulness and meditation into their lives and workplaces.

A Joyful Mind is a cutting edge film by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and filmmaker Paul MacGowan. Mingyur Rinpoche is Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Master devoted to making the ancient practice of meditation accessible to the modern world. Rinpoche's uncommon approach, also featured in his bestselling books, teaches us how to use the ups and downs of daily life as gateways to awakening. His continued involvement as a research subject in studies of the neural and physiological effects of meditation features prominently in the film.

Rinpoche laughing
Recently returned from a 4½ year
wandering retreat Rinpoche says,
"I also learned something from this film!"

  • Mingyur Rinpoche's practical, fresh and accessible introductory teachings on meditation
  • Personal, candid stories told by practitioners about their meditation experiences
  • Reflections by renowned teachers from different meditative traditions, including Joseph Goldstein, Tara Brach, Daniel Goleman, Gina Sharpe, and Matthieu Ricard
  • Dr. Richie Davidson on what modern science reveals about meditation
  • The neurological and physical benefits of meditation as documented by the latest scientific research
  • The practical implementation of meditation in schools and hospitals
  • Experiences of professionals who incorporate meditation into their lives, including those by performance-artist Laurie Anderson
Rinpoche by river